(The newsletter of Akkamma's household. Babu's marriage special)

Hello everybody,

This special issue on Babu's marriage is aimed at those who could not make it to the function and for the purpose of record.

As could be expected the marriage was a grand memorable event. The function started on 19th with the "Devara Samaradhane"and Upanayanam of Venkatesh at pranesh's house, followed by "Kanakabhisheka" and a grand 20+-course lunch with four sweets at the Rayara Mata at T.Nagar. The groom's party left Pranesh's house to the New Woodlands hotel- the venue for the marriage ceremony at 7-30 AM on 20th morning. After a grand welcome at the entrance of the kalyana mantap the Navareepahna(Seeing the bride), Laksmi pooja, Varapooja etc were held in the morning session. There was also an entertainment programme by family members just before lunch. One person from the brides side whistled, difficult tamil and Hindi songs beautifully. Sunder's son Venkat sang a few songs. Jagan's son Sanjeevi was there with his Lara and superbly exhibited his skills as a ventriloquist This time he did it solo with out the help from his Guru. The evening session on that day was exclusively meant for the reception and everybody had time enough to present themselves in their best after a good lunch and adequate rest. The reception was held in the open grounds adjacent to the marriage hall. The reception ground was aesthetically decorated and there was the good mandolin performance by Padmashree U.Srinivas. As could be expected all the top officers of the Tamilnadu government and a few ministers apart from friends and relatives were present in large numbers for the reception. Excellent arrangements had been made to handle the large number of guests for the reception and dinner. There were two huge halls with many counters to serve the buffet dinner. As if made to order there was a good rainfall on the 19th evening that had cooled the city and the rains did not intervene again till after the reception was over.

The next day morning session was reserved for the main marriage function. The kashiyatra, Oonjal (A tamil tradition where all the senior sumangalis perform Aarathi for 'Dristi parihara' for the couple when they are seated on a swing), Kanyadhan, Mangalya dharana, saptapadi, Laja homa etc were all done as per the tradition of both the parties. Lakshmi's brother Shekar's daughter, Mira was the 'Kalasha gitti' from the boy's side. Bindu performed the role of the official 'Nathanar' (Bride grooms sister) entrusted with the duty of dressing the bride and was amply rewarded with the 'Udugore' of a grand saree. Two photos of the couple after the marriage still with their garlands can be viewed here

All the functions and lunch were over by about 2 PM.

The first party from Bangalore who were to catch the Lalbagh express got their send off right at the marriage hall. The rest of the party along with the bride and bride groom left for Pranesh's house by 3-30 PM. Bride had the traditional welcome with "Aarathi" etc at Pranesh's place. After a little rest the couple left for their mini honeymoon to the hotel "Fisherman's groove". Akash learns that they are planning their next part of the honeymoon at Scotland, on their way to the US.

Beegara aouthana(Return feast from the boys side to the brides side) was a grand dinner at GRT grand days on 26-6-2000.

Babu's wife chi sow Kavita, is the daughter of Smt Rama and Shri E.R. Kumaar, of Chennai. She is an MBA from XMI, Buvaneshwar. She has done this after her B.Com.

Shri Kumaar is also an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Akash pray God to bless the young couple with a very happy, prosperous, useful, and long married life.


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