One of the side attractions of the Babu's marriage was the "Janatanada kelsagalu"(Works of hand skill), taken by the boys party with them and displayed by them at the time of 'seeing the bride' ritual. In Babu's marriage there was a nice place to display them and there was plenty of time available to see and appreciate the same. In addition it was also a novelty for the girls side and all of them saw the display and appreciated it. Following is the list of some of the items that were on display. These were either made or got done by persons as shown below.

A. By pommi

  1. Coconut gitaku's with carvings of Venkata ramana, Padmavati, Subramanya, Laksmi and Saraswati. Each god had been carved on a seperate full gitaku and was the best item on display.
  2. Half coconut gitaku's with carving of beautifull designs.
  3. Plantain leaf with many delicious eatable look alikes.
  4. Various Undais
  5. Small size sugar castings(Sakkare achhu)

B. By Vani

  1. Intricately decorated wooden doll couple(Chandanada bombe)

C. By Uma

  1. Gouri carved out of coconut gitaku.
  2. Big size sugar castings

D. By Dr Uma's children Pratima and poornima

  1. Arashina Kunkuma packets

E. By Mala's mother in law Srimathi Subhadra bai

  1. Arashina and kunkuma plates
  2. Train made of Jaggary blocks. (She heard some body has made such a thing . She immediately went there saw it and reproduced a better version for Babu's marriage)(/LI

F. By Sudha Vittal

1. Eatable delicacies, looklike made out of candle and coloured appropriately

G. By Bindu ,Ambika,and Kamala

  1. Trays for display and display.