1. Uma, Mala,Ambika,Ramesh, Pommi,Viji,Vani and Sonu came by road to Madras as their train was cancelled due to derailment of a goods train. The train by which Gopi and Kamala travelled on the next day took a circuitous route for the same reason
  2. One of the relatives from the brides party, Sreemathi Geetha Sundereshan, rendered professional quality music during the Oonjal programme. From our side Ramesh with Viji rendered the Bhajane "Vittala Banda"
  3. Ramesh did bhajane on all days he was present. On the marriage day it was done twice; Once in the temple attatched to the hotel where the marriage was held, in the morning and a second time in Pranesh's house in the evening.
  4. Krishna swamy anna gave the photo coverage in his camera; an unbroken event in all the family functions for the past more than 50 years. Ambika/Ranganath have covered it by their Digital camera and the Photos that are linked with this news letter were all taken by them.
  5. There was no traditional " bhooma". By the time the boy and girl sat for their lunch together on the marriage day most of the guests had left after their lunch, and Vittals mind was pre occupied with the packing work in sanjay's house. So the event did not have the usual charm. Iater on Babu was heard telling Kavita " Thank God Vittal Kaka was pre occupied. Otherwise we would have had a real tough time"
  6. The girl was named "Anna poorni" officially, though she is now known as Kavita only. The story goes that she was born after a pilgrimage to Kashi by her grand mother, and hence the name "Anna poorni" was given to her.
  7. There was not a single baby to be seen, and there were just about three or four small children present from both sides put together.
  8. Pranesh had booked four air-conditioned rooms in the guest houses near his house. Brides party had arranged some ten double rooms and a cottage all air-conditioned for the stay of the boys party..