Who all attended the marriage of Babu, and who could not.


All most every body in India from mbfamily were present for the marriage of Babu. It is much easier to list those who could not make it. But for the sake of propriety I am listing all that were present and the reasons for the absence of few.


  1. This is the fourth marriage in the year 0002 A.A.(After akkamma era). Akkamma was being mentioned frequently. One of the interesting observations was from Smitha. She remarked "How much akkama would have enjoyed seeing the marriage of his Pranesh's son as Pranesh himself was always a "puttu koosu" for her
  2. Krishna Swamy anna and Shanta vainy from Delhi were there throughout Vidya had planned to be present for the Mahoortam but could come only after the event as her train was more than eight hours late. Krupa and Gururaj had made there reservation for attending the function but could not attend on account of the demise of Gururaj's uncle. Rajaram could not make it.
  3. From Leelamma's side, Shama Rao bava Lannu, Latha, Lavanya, Pavan, Jagan, Suruma,, and Sanjeev actively participated in all the events. Lavanya Came from Bangalore by the reception time and was available for the rest of the function. Mohan could not make it. Sughosh put in only symbolic presence. Leelamma was deeply missed by one and all.
  4. From Indramma's side there was good attendance. Gopi and Kamala came after a arduous circuitous journey on 20th morning. Vani, Sharmajee and Uma came straight to the wedding hall on 20th morning. Vatsala , Madhav Pratima and Poornima could not make it. Indramma and Chandra Mohan were deeply missed.
  5. From Vittal's side. Vittal, Sudha vainy, Sanjay, Suparna and Pavan ram were the first to reach Madras. Pavana krishna was considered too young to make the journey to the hot Madras and was left behind with his mother Swarna at Arakalgud and were missed.
  6. Raghu, Suma and Bindu actively participated throughout. Only Guru could not make it.
  7. Viji and Vani were actively present throughout. Only the non resident Indians Bhimesh, Kusuma, Neha, Hari, Maitri and Madhu could not make it.
  8. Ramesh and Pommi were there actively through out. Raghesh put his active presence for Mahoortam on wards. Roopa who is studying for the MDS entrance exam scheduled for 25th could not be present along with Sachin.
  9. Suresh, Smitha, Sonu and Santosh were all present very actively. Santosh and Priya bunked their internal exams to be present.
  10. Prakash, Uma and Jagadish were actively present through out. Again the non-residents Jamuna and Madhu were missed.
  11. Pranesh's were of course all there. Madhu who is going through his training programme for his new job with Mahindra's had come from Bombay.and flew back to Bombay immediately after the marriage.
  12. From Laksmi's side her brother Shekar with wife Uma and daughter Meera had come from States. Her mother who was away in states had come back in time to give guidance and blessings. Lakshmi's brother Sundar had also come all the way from Muscat. Kumar, Sucharita, Ashwini, Divya, Junior Venkat (Sundar's son)and Mekala, were the key figures for the success of the function. Here again only the non residents, Chander, Sridhar, Chitra and their families were absent and were missed very much.