(The newsletter of Akkamma's household Vol. April 2000)

Hello everybody,

The last issue of Akash was in Aug 99. Nobody seemed to miss it in the previous millenium, so I did not think it necessary to bring it out. As a few have missed it in the current millenium I am thinking of reviving it again. I will pick the key events from April onwards.

Akash Congratulates:

Ananda Rao/Ragini on acquiring a new White Maruti Euro 2 Car. And the car registration number is based on Ragini's birth day

Venkatesh on getting admission in University of Wisconsin @ Madison.

Jagadish on getting admission in The state University of New Jersey

Sanjay and Swarna on the birth of their second child, a boy on 26-04-2000

Family News in brief:

Jamuna has now got a Job in Bristol and will be joining Madhusudan there shortly.

Madhu who got his green card has joined Maitri at Urbana and is on the look out for Admissions.

Viji and Vani are back in India, and have moved to their house in Mandya. Viji intends to do some social work aimed at young children and has made a beginning

The first birth day of Sachin was a well attended grand affair at Davanagere on 10-04-2000.

 Kusuma and Neha are on a visit to their homeland now. They will be returning back on 26th of May.

Mohan is transferred back to Bangalore. Lavanya and Mohan have shifted to their house in Bangalore.

The Naming ceremony of Sanjay's second son was held at Arakalagud, on 29/04/2000. The baby was named Pavana Krishna and also Pramod. It was a well attended, grand function.

 Vani\Sharmaji' House construction is Progressing well

Ragini has come to Bangalore, to have a cataract operation on her Eye. It was done success fully. It was a high tech job, lasting about twenty minutes, and she was discharged with in two hours.

Surama and Children are at Mysore. Shamarao Bava and Lannu's family is on a mini pilgrimage.

Sanjay's assignment is coming to an end and he is looking for suitable accommodation at Bangalore.Pavanram has got his admission in the prestigious Kumaran's school at Bangalore.

Jagan's son Sughosh has secured a seat in the Arya Vidyashala, which is considered the best in Madras after a tough competitive test.

Madwaraj and Shailaja who were on their annual visit to India had organised a get together over a grand dinner on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of Ranganath and Mala on 3/05/00.

Prakash and Uma celebrated the 12th anniversary of their Brindavan nursing home with a high tea party on the roof of the newly constructed portion on 15-05-00.

Venkatesh has come to Madras after completing his course at IIT Karagpur.

Madhukar has changed his job. He has now joined Mahindra's and presently is on training at various places in India.


Vol. Aug 99