The "Nama karana Utsava"(naming ceremony) of Sanjay's second son was held at Arakalgud,(Swarna's father's place in Hassan District of Karnataka) on 29-04-2000, on the eleventh day from birth, as per the tradition. The cradle ceremony (For putting the child in to the cradle for the first time) was also held on the same date. Traditionally the baby is given many names based on the the Rashi and Nakshatra of the child in addition to the names used for official purposes (Vyavahara Nama). The baby was given two Vyavahara namas. Pavana Krishna being the choice of the grand mother and Pramod being the choice of the mother.


The fuction was well attended from both sides of the baby's family. From mb family there was Viji and Vani from America, Shamarao bava ,Surama and Pavan from Madras,Raghu and Pommi from Bangalore, and of course the grand parents Vittal and Sudha vaini and Suparna from Mysore. Also present were. Sudha Vaini's Sister and brother in law, and Navaneet's children Vyas and Kartik from Mysore, Sampath and family from Madras and Kasturi Rangan from Bombay.

Akash Prays God to bless Pavana Krishna with plenty of education, knowledge, intelligence and good health to lead a happy and useful long life.