(The newsletter of Akkamma's household. Shanthi special)

Hello everybody,

This special issue on the "Shastabdi Poorthy Shanthi" of Chi. Ramesh and Chi Sow Pommi is aimed at those who could not make it to the function and for the purpose of record.

As "Akkamma`s" Pariwara at Bangalore has grown, the 98 BT Road, the traditional venue for all such family function- was not big enough for this function. The function was held at the Parimala Kalyana Mantapa, a nice small marriage hall adjacent to T Block Raghavendra Swamy Matt in Jayanagar Bangalore.

The fuction started at 7-15 AM on Monday the 26th March 2001, with Punyavarchane,Pada Pooja of the elders, Nandi and Navagraha pooja, Kalasha Stapane and Kalasha Pooja, Performance of Various Homas, Mangalya Dharana and "Hoovu Vilya". With the above the main function was over by noon. This was followed by Grand lunch for about 200 persons with "Peni" as the main Sweet Dish. The food preparations were of "Devara Neyvedya" quality cooked in "Madi" using firewood.

As this happened to be a working day Chi Ramesh had invited his office going friends for a buffet dinner in the evening. He had also arranged for the "Rayara Bhajane" to be rendered by the Bhajan group which he joins every Thursday. Along with the Bhajans, profeessional quality Devara Nama`s, were rendered by Smt Vishalakshamma, Smt Swarna and Smt Anupama (Sanjay`s Mother in law wife and sister in law), Smt. Roopa with Jayalakshmi Chandrashekar(Roopa`s Mother-in-law) and Smt Suchitra, a family friend.

The function was well attended. All the arrangements were excellent. Suresh was in charge as usual with all the arrangements at the choultry. Gopi,Sanjay and Guru helped him out on the previous day in spite of the Cricket match fever that had gripped the town. Raghesh,Vani and Bindu did most of the personal invitation work. Vittal did the supervision of the "Yagna kunda" and ensured that it did not create smoke problem. Krishna Swamy anna gave the photographic coverage as ususal assisted by Ambika and Raghesh. Sachin,Sanjana and Pramod ensured that there was not a single dull moment during the entire function. Ramesh was himself in charge of the cultural activities like Bhajan and music and also floral decoration and the sound system coverage of the evening function. Chief preiest was the family Purohit Sri Sheshachar assisted by Sri Jayatheerthachar. Sri Ramadasachar was in charge of the catering department. Chi Sow Pommi with direct involvement in arranging the earlier such functions in the family did most of the work connected with her own Shanti work also herself, in addition to being the hostess at the mbfamily head quarters.

Following two Photos taken by Ambika on a digital camera are attached. Some more photos will be scanned and put in our webpage in due course.

1. Ramesh and Pommi with sachin immediately after the Aaarathi:

2. Sanjana the chief entertainer at the function:



Vol. April 99