List of family members, Relatives who attended the Shrastabdi poorthi function for Chi Ramesh and Pommi

 The function was well attended. First generation Akkama`s Parivar was in full strength with the exception of Chi.Sow Uma( on grand daugter`s duty in UK, her sister Smt Rama filled the void to some extant. She landed from US at 9am but managed to be in time for the function), and Shamarao Bava(He was at Bangalore on 19th for Bhavaji`s anniversary and had to return to Madras for Ugadi. He had blessed the old couple in advance). From the second and third generation mbfamily the entire Bangalore based were there in full strength, excepting for Krupa`s children Sham and Jyotsna who had to miss because of exams). Krishna Swamy anna and Shanta vainy had come from Delhi,Vittal, Sudha vainy and Suparna had come from Mysore.Pranesh Lakshmi, Lannu, Latha, Jagan and Pavan had come from Chennai. From Davanagere Shashikanth, Ropoa and Sachin were there and from US there was the American, Chi Sanjana. From amongst the elders who came to bless the old couple were, "Radhabai Kakki"(Wife of Bhavaji`s brother Late Sri Raghavendra Rao)the eldest in the family ,Chi Mala`s Parents in law, Sundar Mama(Akkamma`s brother, the other brother Ramanna Mama was away at Bombay). Roopa`s Parents in law from Davanagere, Vidya`s parents in law, Alaka`s parents inlaw and Lavanya`s mother in law`

Bangalore based mbfamily present were:

Gopinath,Kamala,Vatsala,Madhav,Uma,Dr.Prakash,Pratima,Poornima,Vani,Ravindra Sharma

Sanjay,Swarna,Pavanaram and Pramod



Suresh,Smitha,Santosh and Sunil

Prakash(He had to miss some part and lunch because of the Budget)

Mala,Ranganath,Ambika and Priya

Some of the others present were: 

1st cousins;

Kumudu and her husband Lakshmana Rao

Vanaja and her husband Pranesh Rao

Ravi with wife Rama

Prabhakar with wife Swayamprabha

Badarinath (wife Chaya had cataract operation recently and could not come)

Vijayasarathy with wife Uma

Gopinath`s wife Jayashri(Kala)

Krishna with wife Kala(It was their silver wedding anniversary. They brought with them Prasadams from Devara hosalli Temple)

2nd cousins:

Mani with her husband Narasimha Murthy

Sundaru with wife

Malathi with her husband Venkata Rao

Nagendra with wife Yashoda

Pommi`s side elders:

Her father's cousins:

Padmaja Aunty and her sisters Vasanthu,Parimala,Meera and Sarasu

Raganna kaka and Saraswathi Kaki

Venkata Rao Kaka and Sumitra Kaki

Neela Atte.

Oother religious persons who graced the occasion and blessed the couple were:

Sri Praneshachar of the Hulimavu Rayara mata

Sri Nanjunda Sharma, the Veda teacher from Shankara School of culture

Also present were a large number of family friends and friends of Ramesh and Pommi