(The newsletter of Akkamma's household Vol.August September 2000)

Hello everybody,

Akash Congratulates:

Sachin on being chosen the cutest baby in the India parentage.com Baby contest for the first fortnight of September 2000, and Anandarao for successfully campaigning for Sachin.

Raghesh and Priya on getting through their Tofel exams with very good marks.

Ragesh for getting selected for M/S GE's In-house management training Programme. The training involves a two-year training in four different areas, 6 months in each. Presently he is having his training at GE's works at Milwaukee.

Ragesh for getting a 1000-Dollar and a Placard award from his company for the excellent work done by his group.

Mala, Ranganath on acquiring a new Qallis van.

(I am sorry, if I have missed reporting some more achievements for want of adequate feed back)

Family News in brief:

The Sharmaji/Vani have rented out their new house. They continue to live at their old address.

Pommi is back to her normal routine after fully recouping after the Surgery.

Ragesh left on a six-month training programme to Milwaukee in US on 25th August. He was given a warm send off at 98 BT by mbfamily members located at Bangalore. On his way to US he broke journey at London to be with Jamunas for a couple of days. He is now well settled.

Venkatesh left for higher studies to US from Madras on 10th August from Madras. He is well settled.

Venkatesh and Ragesh had a welcome Lunch party At Babu's place. Madhu, Maitri and Bharathis were also part of the welcome group. It was followed by a picnic.

Mbfamily welcomes Sanjana. She is coming to Bangalore with her mother on 29th of this month.

Suhas Gopinath's (Genious cousin) presentatation at the seminar in Newyork was a great success. He has returned to US along with his mother for higher studies, sponsored by the American Co. The Co. has provided him with furnished Accommodation, Car and Job. There are also fabulous offers for his work. Some Indian IT Companies have also taken interest and providing him help.

Pranesh and Laksmi will be leaving on two months trip to US on 2nd October. Akash wishes them a happy tour.

Krisnaswamy anna and Shanta vainee left back for Delhi on 3rd September.


This period is known as habba salu as there are a series of festivals. Shanta vainy, Suma,Vani, Pommi,Smitha and Uma celeberated the Vara Lakshmi Pooja in Prakash's place. Sudha Vainy, Lakshmi and Mala did the pooja in their houses.

All mb brothers in Bangalore did Ganesh Pooja and Gokulastami at 98 Bull temple road. Krishna Swamy anna was present for the function at Bangalore. Vittal, Viji and Pranesh did the pooja in their houses. Viji had kept the Ganesha till Anantha Chathurthi day(11 days) as per the family practice in Bhavaji days. Vittal,Raghu,Suresh,Suma, mala, Uma,Bindu and Ambika participated in Ganesha Sahasranama pooja held at Viji's place in Mandya

On 10-09-200

Pommi,Suma,Smitha and Uma did the Ele Astami Pooja in the BT house.

A music concert by the budding Mandolin artist, Master Kartik and Party was organised at the BT Road house on 29-8-2000, by the Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat, out of the trust fund set up by Mala Ranganath and Vijayendra rao in memory of their parents, M.S. Bheema Rao and Sumitra bai Bheema Rao, with additional support from Ramesh. The Performance was great and the function was well attended.



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