Family Photo Index

From about 2007, Photos, excepting those of long time interest are not being loaded on to this site. Some of the recent photos can be seen at the mbfamily yahoo group site and this is open to mbfamily members only


Ancestors,Bavaji, Akkamma (old photos)


Marriage Photos

Babu Kavita

Lavanya Mohan

Harish Madhavi

Jahnavi(Bindu) Jagadish

Ambika Sharad

Venkatesh Meenakshi

Guru Saratha

Santosh Vijeth   See


Photo Albums:

Leelamma Photos see

Indramma Photos. See




 Baby Photos

Sachin,         Sanjana,         Shruthi,           Janani


Link to other sites:(Most of these links are not functional now)

Neha's Page,

Ragesh's Photos,

Photos loaded by Bhimesh/Kusuma

Kanakabhisheka : http //

Marriage of Jahnavi And Jagadish : .

 Photos Loaded by Harish/Madhavi :

Marriage of Venkatesh and Meenakshi  :


Centenary concert



Suma 60

Bhimeshs` south American trip

Jamuna & Madhu,ís house

Kanakabhisheka of Ranganath`s father

Laksmi as Chief Secretary TN

Brothers with spouses

MB Sisters