(The newsletter of Akkamma's household Vol. Aug 99)

Hello everybody,

There is nothing much more to report on last month's events. Krishnaswamy anna and Vainy have come to Bangalore. Viji and Vani are also expected at Bangalore, on 20th. Leelamma has also indicated that she is planning to attend the 2nd aniversary function for Akkamma falling on 31st of this month.

The month of Shravan with the Habbasalu just a fortnight away. I am looking forward to get some write ups on the feasts and the special eating items made for those feasts for inclusion in our web page.

Gurudutt's parents are leaving India to-morrow to be with Alaka during her confinement. We wish them a pleasant journey. Alaka's Balethodisuva function in a foreign land is scheduled for 7th of august. Our best wishes to Alaka on this occasion. Thanks to the progress of IT we can still remain virtually in close touch. Our congratulations to Alaka and Gurudutt on aquiring the Ford Mercury.

Now, all sections of our home page have been commissioned at least partially. We have started adding information on individuals in the family section. You can now find some on Akkamma, Bhavaji and our ancestors. We will start covering the others, as and when information and time gets available. For a start you will find something on Babu. The chat session on 31st july was a success. I am sure this facility will become popular and will be used more and more even for chats between individuals. A sample of the babble is recorded for the benefit of those who missed. I am very happy that for as little as Rs 40, I could spend an hour with so many of my kith and kin located in all parts of the world. I noted that some of the deficiencies of the program have attracted the attention of our own computer professionals, and this will set them on the course for working out improvements.

Addresses have been corrected to the extent that was brought to our notice.

Ambica is working on improving the looks of our home page. Be on the lookout, and you will very soon see its new face.

Vol. July 99