(The newsletter of Akkamma's household Vol 0599)



Hello everybody,

There is some good news to report, though they may not be really new to most of you.

Our congratulations to Lavanya. Her marriage has been settled and is scheduled for 5th July 1999

At Chennai. There was a befitting Nischithartha function at Chennai on 14-5-99. The Boy Sri Mohan, is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, and is presently working as a Manager for Wipro at Bombay.

Jamuna's House is nearing completion. The Gruha pravesham function is scheduled for 23-6-99. Jamuna and Madhusudan are expected in Bangalore on 6-6-99.

Bharati with her children arrived in India on 15-5-99.

Sachin ( Roopashri's son) is doing fine.

Suresh and family Returned to Bangalore on 9-9-99 after the Badari Kailas Yatra.

Ambica is creating a nice format for putting our family tree in our home page. Please be on the look out for the same.

Foot note

1. The quality of the new addition made to our Home Page this time is not of the same high standard as produced originally by Vidya and Rajaram. The emphasis this time is on start updating the home page some how quickly. The quality aspects will be looked into by the next issue.

  1. Please feed Sumbheemarao with latest news for inclusion in our news letters. Also see it regularly for early direct information. Please note that as there are multiple users of this email box, just looking for new mail tag will not be adequate. Look at the dates and subject of the letter for locating the letters that you have not read. The box is in hotmail and the access code is "AKMA". With best wishes,


Bangalore. 16-5-99

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