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Particulars of person identified as A


Bheema Rao M.S. He was affectionately called as Bavaji. He had taken his law degree from Bombay University, after his B.A., from Mysore University.

He had secured a gold medal in law. He retired as a Civil Judge and district Magistrate in the Karnataka Judicial service. He was originally from Mysore, but had settled at Bangalore after retirement. He was born on 21/11/01, and married some time in 1923.He Passed away in March 1968,on Palguna Krishnapaksha Dashami.

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Sumitrabai. She was named Droupathi Bai, after marriage but that name was not used much. She was more popularly known as Akkamma by one and all. She had studied up to 7th class only (till marriage at the age of 12), but she used to read English newspaper regularly and was good in her arithmetic too. Her father was an Amildar. Her date of birth is notionaly taken as 19/07/12. She passed away on 22/09/97, on Shravana Krishna Paksha Panchami.

Male children. 8

Female children. 3

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