Extract from RavivaR,04-04-04
News from Bangalore:
Congratulations to Mohan. He is taking over as the regional head of business group at Chennai
Roopa and Children are at Bangalore for the summer vocation. In the absence of Mala Pommi got a chance to try her hand on weaving the moggina jade to Sammith
News from abroad:
Congratulations to Madhavi. Here is a bit of news from Harish. “As you may have already learnt, she finished her CPA this November. In fact, she received a letter that her score ranks among the top10 in the State. She is working for a multinational public accounting firm called 'Grant Thornton'. She does audits for companies around this area. She seems to be enjoying it.
Mala is enjoying her stay with Ananth and Priya. Sharad and Ambika also spent with them some time. For those who have missed the photos link here it is again.

Snapshots from the memory lane; Sorry you are going to miss this favorite item of yours this time. I have heard orally many appreciations for this item. I wish the readers use the mbfamily yahoo group to air their comments. Pranesh has instead contributed a crossword this time. As I am not sure that the crossword may open properly in some of your computers, and as the clues do not really need the grid work, I am reproducing the clues here in the body of this letter in addition to attaching the crossword


Ravivar has widened the scope of the “Snapshots from the memory lane” page, by renaming it, “From members’ dairy” so that the members can contribute the recent events too. Though another gem has since been received from Pranesh, the current issue reserves it for future date when we expect greater interaction with the readers. First article from the members’ dairy is made from a letter written by Ragesh the young globe trotting, GE executive of the family. The solution to the last week’s crossword is also given in this issue.
Viji was busy these days with a mission to complete some work on “Kagga” with the deadline of 8-04-04,(Maitri’s birthday). He has agreed to share his thought on the “Kagga” with the readers of Ravivar. Please be on the look out
News from Bangalore:
Last Sunday Durga homa was conduced in a very grand scale, by Sri Krishna Murthy Shastri, the “ Purohit” of Dr. Prakash’s family, at Dr. Prakash’s farm house Nelaguli. On invitation by Dr. Prakash the mbfamily members from Bangalore and also Shashikanth, Roopa and children attended and enjoyed it.

On 09-04-04, There was a grand function including mass feeding, in connection with the renovation of the Basaweshwara temple at Gundigee near Magadi,the ancestral home of Madhu(Maitri). Madhu`s father Sri Rajanna has worked hard on this project. Uma and Prakash attended this function from the mbfamily
News from abroad:
Jamuna has done well in her MRC.Psy, exams. Practicals will be in May. Our best wishes to her. Bindu, Jagadish and Pranav have setout visiting, using the Easter holidays. They visited oxford and will be seeing London before returning home. Maitry and Gowri are fine at Bhimesh’s place.
Ravivar, 18/04/04
. Ravivar regrets that it did not remember in time that the family it represents includes many who follow the solar system of New Year too. 13th of April was celebrated this year as the Tamil New year day and 14th was “Vishu” the New Year day in Kerala. Our belated best wishes for that day. I learnt from Sharatha that on the Vishu day the Keralites have the tradition of starting the day first after seeing the Photo of Sri Krishna, which would have been decorated and kept ready for the purpose on the previous night. The young children will be blindfolded and guided to the photo, early in the morning, so that they do not see the face of any body else before this event.
The crossword Ravivar published in the earlier issue has evoked very good response. Pavan has sent a crossword built by him and also the link for downloading the software required for creating the grids for he crossword and also for solving them on line. You will find the same attached to this letter. The programme is a small one and does not take much time to download. . The crossword sent by Pavan can be solved only after downloading the software. The clues will open out when you click on the grid and the software has inbuilt cheating facility to assist in solving it. It is strongly recommended that all those who are interested in crosswords download this software into there systems as we intend to use it in all future crosswords in Ravivar

News from Bangalore:
Ramesh was in the news. A reporter of “Vijay Karnataka” has published an interview with him with photo, on an election matter. Lannu and Latha are in Bangalore In connection with the marriage preparations. Ramesh has made arrangement for Shashwatha Abhisheka seve on one Saturday every month, of the family Anjaneya swamy at Devara Hosa halli. The second month Abhsheka was held on 17/04/04. Ramesh, Pommi, Uma, Latha and Ravi attended the seve.
News from abroad:
Nothing new to report. Ambika and Sharad have since returned to Delhi from their US trip. (An old event). We expect them to write about their trips after they settle down. Similarly we are awaiting tour reports from Bhimesh/Kusum about their Australian trip and from Bindu/Jagadish about their London trip
Ravivar 25/04:
Vijayendra has translated into English great DVG’s “Manku thimmana Kagga” You will find a Kagga with it’s translation from this issue onwards. After Raghesh Ambika too has now come out with her tour impressions of USA. Starting this issue it will be serialized.

News from Bangalore:
A big group of mbfamily has landed at Davanagere to attend the Chandike of Sammith, today. Ravivar conveys the family’s best wishes for everything best in life to Chi Sammith on this occasion. Raghesh has come all the way from Munich for this purpose.(Must be a sort of long distance record for any Chandike function). He will be returning back on Monday.
Ranganath has sort of joined the retired mbgroup. He has retired the HM Industries, after it had played a remarkably good innings, on 23-04-04. Ravivar conveys the family’s best wishes for all happy and relaxed time in his future endowers. Ranganath will be leaving for US on 1st May and will be returning with Mala on 23rd May.

News from abroad:
As you all know the 105th mb, Chiranjeevi Nikita arrived at Washington on 21/04/04 at 16.01 hours, American local time (01-30 hours IST on 22/04/04). Baby weighed 8 lbs and 6 ounces at birth. Ravivar’s congratulations and best wishes to Kusum and Bhimesh.

Forthcoming events:
Priya's Graduation on 13th May 2004
Amritha's naming cermoney on 15th May 2004 in Kansas city.
Sphurthy’s marriage 20/06/04, at Banglore.