Extracts from September 04 Ravivars


Ravivar 5th sept 04

I was a bit unhappy that there is nothing in the RavivaRs for the youngsters in the family, and today I chanced on the word “floccinaucinihilipilification”, said to mean “habitual estimation of worthlessness of some thing”, in today’s Times of India. Also this word it appears was the longest word in the English language, till the middle of 20th century. I tried to check the spelling of this word before putting it on the Ravivar, but could not find it in my dictionary. The spell check on my computer has not however found anything wrong with it. Will somebody throw light to our youngsters on the current longest word in the English language? I also request some contributions that may interest our youngsters.


Local news: Akkamma’s punya thithi was celebrated on third with the usual solemnity. All the mbs from Bangalore, Mysore and Pranesh attended the function. Vijayendra participated from Washington, by keeping in touch continuously, either on the phone or through the internet, and sang “Hari Narayana” while the lunch was going on. All missed Krishnaswamy anna who used to be the key man for this function. In the evening Gamaka vachana had been arranged. Sri MA Jayarama Rao, sang and explained some selected verses from “Rukmini Kalyana”, a small part of his father Sri Anantha Padmanabha Rao’s composition “Krishna charithamrutha”. Earlier to that Brindavan sisters and Paavan brothers showed their skills in singing.

Jamuna and Shruthi arrived in Bangalore from UK on Sunday Morning. Jagadish Prakash is expected on Monday and Madhusudhan a little later.


News from abroad. Official work at Washington enabled Raghesh to meet the good number of mbs at Washington and New York. ” We had 'mother', as a subject for our sat sangha on 2nd sept on eve of Akkamma day. Kagga couplets discussed are enclosed. The day  started at Bhimesh's house with Vishnu sahasranama by MS subbalakshmi before audio access and Day ended with singing by Gruhalaksmi in Madhavi at Harish's place .We had a dinner together with ice cream; Neha ,Nikita the new sprouts were with us.”….Viji


Baby News: Pranav is a baby in a hurry. He had his “Chandike” on Friday.  Due to some communication gap Jamuna, Madhusudhan and Shruthi had been to Jagadish’s place for this function a few days in advance. Bindu/Jagadish’s local friends attended the function, which went of well.


Responses: Where is the money for the forth coming, month long American trip to the US, by Pranesh and Lakshmi coming from? Viji has an answer. “Your Gulbarga clips were entertaining as usual; I was lucky to visit you during elections and traveled with Akkamma and Mala to Bangalore…. Perhaps you forgot that the money borrowed from you by the stranger was promptly registered with Him that mattered. How else can we account for His ever flowing merciful boons permitting us to travel at manovega. I am eating varamahalakshmi, annamuhoortha sweets from Bangalore, wearing Rakhi sent by Mala!” Pranesh also told this storey about another young IAS probationer on lending. The probationer had fined an old man Rs 500 for an offence. The person so fined convinced the probationer with his sob storey, that there is no way he can pay this fine. Taking pity on him and not willing to send him to the jail, the probationer gave him two weeks time to earn the fine and pay. The position was the same after two such extensions of two weeks and the probationer paid the fine money from his pocket and asked that person to pay him back when he could. Hope the God is paying back this probationer too.


Ravivar 12th sept 04

Ravivar’s, From members’ diary this week presents a maiden effort by Ramesh for writing for Ravivar. Hope you will all appreciate it. You do not have to worry about, missing the interesting writings from Pranesh, when he is on the US tour; he has supplied enough material to the Ravivar’s reserves and they will appear in future issues of Ravivar


Local news: Prakash’s, 60th year Shanthi function went of well. All the mbs presently in Bangalore Mysore were present, without exception. Shama Rao Bava, Pranesh, Lakshmi, Lannu, Latha, Jagan and Surama had come from Chennai. Delhi was represented in a way by Shantha vainy. Alaka, Gurudutt, Sanjana, Amrutha and Smt. Rama, the sister of Uma had come all the way from US for this function, apart from the hosts Madhusudhan, Jamuna, Jagadish and Shruthi from UK and US. Uma’s brother Sri Guru Prasad (Papu) and his wife Pari (Parimala?), Australians presently in India had come from Delhi. Present also were large number of mbfamily relatives, Uma’s side relatives and Madhusudhan’s relatives and some very close friends of Prakash and Uma.. The function had been organized at the “Raya Raya Kalyana Mantap”, in Shankara puram. Chief priest from the Kote Venkata Ramana Swamy temple also came and blessed the newly re-Married same old couple. Chief priest was Sri Sheshachar. The catering was by Sri Ramdas. There was Sakkare Holige and Jilebi as the sweet items for the lunch and the food and arrangements were well appreciated. Photos? Madhusudhan and Sunil have covered the event extensively. We regret not being able to publish at lest one in today’s Ravivar. When they do come out, remember not to miss the one with Uma blushing when Prakash was applying Gandha and Arashina to her cheeks before tying the “Mangalaya”

Pranesh and Lakshmi, who were at Bangalore for the above function, were bid “Bon Voyage” on the eve of their 4 week long US trip


News from abroad. Congratulations to Priya. She has managed to secure a part time lecturer’s job in a college about 20 miles from her house. Ragesh has moved to his new work place near Chicago. Babu will be enjoying a few days vacation at home from 15th,before taking up his new job. Babu Kavita and Janani are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Pranesh and Lakshmi.


Baby News: Congratulations to Pranav who completes one year on 13th. Here is the sweet grand daughter Shruthi of the newly re-married old couple, and Pranav on the laps of the Jagadish Prakash This nice photo was taken by Sughosh during his UK trip.


Forthcoming events: Gowri habba, 17th, Ganesh Chathurthi, 18th. Ravivar’s best wishes to all.


Responses: I want to believe, though the history do not support this, that I will find some, when I open my email box after my PC gets repaired.


Ravivar regrets due to some technical problems the last two issues could not be issued in time in the normal format. The problem struck when the  Ravivar of 12th sept was about to be issued. For record sake that is also issued with this issue, though the news part is already covered and is old.


Ravivar 26th sept 04

Local news: Jagadish Prakash returned back to us after his annual vacation at Bangalore yesterday. Jagadish R Rao came to Bangalore on Sunday morning on unexpected official work. He will be in Bangalore for a few days. Jamuna and Shruthi will be returning back to UK via Delhi on Monday. Ramesh and Pommi are on a short visit to Davanagere.


News from abroad. Reports have come from Bindu’s house, by Viji from Bhimesh’s house and by Pranesh from Babu’s house about celebration of Ganesha feast in grand style.


Baby News: Sanjana and Amrutha  are capturing Bangalore with their sweet charm


Responses: Ragini has come out with poems from Kannada folk literature on the subject of mother, in response to the ones presented by Viji from the Kagga’s. They are being circulated separately.