Extracts from August 04 Ravivars



Ravivar 1st Aug 04

Ravivar is happy to welcome Lavanya/ Mohan’s second child, a boy born on 1st August 2004 at Chennai, as the 107th member of the mbfamily, and taking the number of living mbs to 100. His youngest aunt is not yet one month old and he will be having in due course many uncles and aunts younger to him. Born on a full moon day like his sister, Ravivar Wishes him full life, full knowledge, full happiness and the best of everything else.


Local news: Prakash’s house is having a face lift in preparation for the visit of his children in September and the “Shrastabdhi Poorthy” function of Prakash on 12th of September. Uma has short listed a few possible alliances for Jagadish and if one of them clicks there is a possibility of the marriage too in this September.

News from abroad: Congratulations to Santhosh. He will be completing his MS on 4th of this month.


Baby News: Everybody were wondering as to how Prerana, who is so much, emotionally and even physically attached to her mother react to the arrival of the new one requiring her mother’s attention. She just saw her mother on the hospital bed and coolly walked back with her grand mother a bit stunned, but without any fuss. Nature has obviously it own way of teaching.


Ravivar 8th August 04

We are repeating in this issue, “Mussoorie” from Pranesh’s diary, which was carried earlier on the 25th July Ravivar, for three reasons. One, it is a very good piece deserving repeating often. Two, Pranesh has informed that it has not appeared in the Ravivar. Three, there is no feed back from any others.


Local news: Ramesh is back to his normal health again and is keeping his “Scooty” busy again, attending various cultural, religious and Social functions.

On 5th of this month mbfamily, Bangalore, Mysore members celebrated the additional “Punya dina” of Akkamma on account of the “Adhika Shravana masa” at the bull temple road house. The real one comes a month later on 3rd of September in the “Nija Shravana masa”.


News from abroad: Congratulations to Gurudutt and the mbfamily’s best wishes for resounding success, in his new venture. In Alaka’s words “We are all well. Very busy preparing to move. Gurudutt has accepted a position as an electro physiologist in a private practice in South Bend, Indiana. It is a 12 cardiologist group that is based in South Bend & Elkhart, Indiana. South Bend is 1 1/2 hrs east of Chicago. We will be moving there at the end of this month. He also passed his board examination in cardiology earlier this year & preparing for electrophysiology board examination. Sanjana & Amrita are well. Sanju is excited about the

All dressed to participate in the celeberations connected with the bull fighting. Ragesh has not fiound to write about it in detail for the Ravivar readers. Hope he will find time in his forthcoming vacation at India.


Baby News: “Pranav has started making efforts to stand up on his own. When will he cross this land mark, we will have to wait and see”.. Bindu/ Jagadish on 8/8/2004


Ravivar 15th August 04


Ravivar’s best wishes on this 57th Independence day. The dampener for the Independence Day spirit came from the knowledge, that the 25th July issue had not been issued and hardly anybody missed it. We are sorry that we have exceeded the self imposed limit of putting not more than two photos this time. May be you had to spend a lot of time for unloading Ravivar. We will strict to the norm of not more than two from next week

Local news:  All quiet at Bangalore. Inside house modification and painting of Prakash’s house is over. In a few days the outside will get a new look. Sphurthy has left for Hyderabad to her in-laws house for the Mangala gowri pooja. Shyam Pavman is today a proud owner of a brand new motor bike. There was a complaint from Ragesh that the photo Ravivar carried about Sammits Chowla, did not show the chowla effect. So there is one more. It also happened to be the birthday of Sachin.. Recently Shubha and Surabhi, were in news in many of the Kannada papers. Ravivar is waiting for the photos.


News from abroad: We are happy to attatch one of the photos circulated earlier by Bhimesh on  Neha’s birthday.Neha's birthday was well celebrated on 28 and 31 July. She had a pool party in her garage, with 6' by 10', 2feet deep indoor pool, exclusively for her friends. Her birthday on 31st was preceded by satyanarayana pooja with dinner from Woodlands”… Viji tata. (Sorry for the late news. The photo of the pool did not down load for some reason)



Baby News: We are pleased to present the photo of, yet to be named child of Mohan/Lavanya, courtesy, Pavan


Ravivar 22nd August 04


A webpage with lots of data, in access XP is loaded on to the mbfamily website (Family tree-family). After loading, it is seen that it will not open in all computers. Remedial measures are being taken. In the mean time please see if it opens in yours. Logging on to the family website once in away has got some advantages, including the habit of going to it for information.


Local news: Pavamana Homa was conducted by Ramesh Pommi on Saturday in a grand style. All the Bangalore and Mysore mbs were present. Also present were Roopa shashi kanth family with shashi kanth’s parents from Davanagere and of course Ragesh. Sphurthy has come back after the first “Mangala gowri pooja at her mother in law’s place at Hyderabad. She will have the next ones under the supervision of Smitha at Suresh’s place. Is Pommi free after the Laksha  deepa?. She is now doing “Laksha Padma (picturing 1 lakh small lotuses in rangoli in frount of the God). Pranesh and Lakshmi  have  planned to go for a months US trip and will be leaving India on 15th  September.


News from abroad: Bangalore mbs will have a chance to see Chi Amritha for the first time shortly. Gurudutt will be coming with family to Bangalore on 9th September, prior to taking up his new assignment. Santhu having completed his MS, has a month’s free time before he can take up any job. He is using it to visit, Babus Bharathis and his mother’s  side cousins. Try and guess who this smart girl is. Clue: She had her birthday recently


Baby News: “Janani repeats everything we tell. She has a lot of interest in listening to
stories from books and magazines. As she crosses the 18 month hurdle, She is
noticeably more playful and perhaps even naughty.”…..Babu/Kavita (No wonder Pranesh Lakshmi are so anxious to go to US).


Congratulations to Pranav. He has started taking a few steps. He will have his “Anna mahoortha on the auspicious “Vara Maha lakshmi Pooja day”. Mbfamily’s best wishes to him. Let the Goddess Anna Poorna keep him well fed always and make him capable of feeding large number of others.


Ravivar 29th August 04


mbfamily yahoo group has served the mbfamily for two years now. Ravivar’s thanks and congratulates Priya who created it and Ambika who is maintaining it. Raviar depends mainly on it, for its circulation. It will be very nice if Ravivar can have, stories, Paintings poems etc created by its members. We are told that Jyotsna writes nice poems and short stories. She has promised to start contributing to Ravivar. Please spot other talents in the family and make them contribute.


Local news: Vara Maha Lakshmi pooj  was celebrated at Prakash’s house with usual grandeur and solemnity. Akkamma got  initiated into this “Vrata” in 1950 when Bavaji was at Shimoga. There was an interruption to this after Bhavaji’s death in 1968. A little later Shantha vainy,Sudha Vaini,and  Lakshmi started having this pooja in their houses. Uma started the pooja at her house in Bangalore 11 years back, with all the sose’s  present at Bangalore at the time of the feast, participating.

 Ragesh returned to US on Sunday. Prakash is on a short social visit to Chennai. Shantha Vainy arrived At Bangalore from Delhi on Sunday morning. 30 th 31st and 1st are Rayara aaradhane. days  3rd is Akkamma’s punya thithi.  Lot of mbs are expected from abroad shortly. There is a busy time ahead.

The photo here appeared in samyuktha Karnataka 7/6/04 and many other Kannada papers and was taken on the occasion of the 21st Kannada Sammelana at Delhi. From left to right, Shubha is first and Surabhi is the 4th.

.When I say the black and white photo here can not be that of Prerana and Sammith, it should not be difficult for you to guess who the two in the picture are.


News from abroad and Baby News: “We had Varamahalakshmi pooja on Friday; We were lucky to be amidst Bhimeshs and Harishs;

Neha was very much involved through her sketches on ceramics and anchored the singing; Of course we had Hari Narayana song also to remember Ramesh. Gouri it seems is mumbling ammmammmaa with her first tooth; Kagga pair refers to it on eve of visit of Akkamma”….Viji

Pranav now walks more often than crawl. He had his “Anna mahoortha on the auspicious “Vara Maha lakshmi Pooja day”.