Adhika Masa


As the name itself suggests it is the extra month in the lunar calendar. Once in three years we get an extra month and this year "Jesta" is the "Adhika Masa". It has started on the 16 of May and is up to 13 June. The two months are called Adhika Jesta and Nija Jesta. In Adhika masa good things like marriage are not done. They wait for the Nija Jesta to come. But to do poojas and danas in this month is very good, The offerings done now are weighed 33times more than the offerings of the ordinary month.

Ladies put 33 Padmas in rongoli every day, put 33 flowers. Light 33 lamps and finally do 33 namaskars throughout the month. 33 Appupas made and given to a good Brahmin, put in a container along with good dhakshina, How to make Appupa I will tell you later. Dear Akkama used to do all this and the Brahmin invariably used to be Sri, Subbanacharya of Madras. If Appupa is difficult for you can make any sweets in 33 numbers and give, I do hope that our M.B. Family people read this and appreciate it.