(The newsletter of Akkamma's household. October 2001)

Hallo Relatives,

Best wishes to all of you on this auspicious Vijaya Dashami Day, for a happy prosperous and useful long life.

On this Auspicious day the Akash intends to resume it`s periodical updates on the family events. No issues of Akash has come since 2 years now. As nobody missed it there was no urgency to resume it. From now on I will not be disappointed for want of response, because now I am trained not to expect any

Progress of our website:

Ambica is working on a project to add interesting family vodeo clips to our website. First clip " Akkamma climbing the stairs to the first floor of Prakash`s house to attend the Gruha Pravesh function of that portion of the house" is ready and partly installed. Some technical problem in loading a big file of about 4 MB has delayed the final product. It can be expected to become functional any time now. Please be on the look out; see it and enjoy.

Updating of the photo gallery was pending for a long time as that page had got corrupted. It is now set right and a few new photos have been added- mostly of baby's; Sanjana, Shruthi, and the new one yet to be named. As usual for Neha`s picture you will have to visit Neha`s page, linked to our website, photo page. We have noticed that Kusuma has not loaded any new photos for a long time now. Hope this letter will induce her to update too. You can also see a picture of Hari`s bride

The addresses too have been updated to the best of my knowledge. Now that Vidya has built in the facility to correct your addresses on line, you can not complain about your own address being wrong. There were two separate files in our web site, creating some problems in updating. The redundant files have been removed and we expect the information to be more accurate in all places in the website.

The Family news.

We learn that Maitry has secured a job in the same hospital as that of Madhu in Newyork. Our congratulations and best wishes to them.

It would be 100 years since Bhavaji was born on 21-11-2001. Ramesh has organised a music concert ( Bhavaji was very fond of music) at the " Suchitra Film Society hall" by Vidwan Sri R.K.Padmanabhan, on that day.

Gopinath celebrated the Varamaha Lakshmi Pooja, Ganeshana Pooja and Anantha padmanabha vratha on 25-10-2001(There is a provision to Celebrate these poojas on any day during Dassera if the same could not be performed on the assigned days).

Roopa`s baby is doing fine. The ritualistic hurdles in the way of a naming ceremony are now over, and the boy will get a name with in the next fifteen days. The parents and the grand parents have kept the name a closely guarded secret.


Ramesh Pommi Shanthi Special