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Dear relatives,

 Vidya and Rajaram visualized some time back that it would be nice to have a family page for the M.B. Family. As you all know we started step by step, starting with a common Email address ''. followed by an experimental "Net talk', and issuing of a few news letters titled Akash through Email. Now the proud moment has come for launching our 'web page' again thanks to the enormous efforts put in by Vidya and Rajaram.

The basic idea of having this web page is to acquire knowledge of using this latest tool of communication. Once we get a feel of it, the extent of use we can make out of it will be limited by our own imagination and need. So we have made a beginning with some elementary information which most of us already have. It is now up to all of you to come out with improvements /suggestion to make this web site more interesting and useful.

More importantly, this could develop into a forum to keep in touch, to stay together. Somewhere down the line, the grandchildren and their children might really need it.

 Look up birth and marriage anniversary dates in 'Memorable Dates'. You will also find addresses there.

Mail your comments, corrections of any information, or on any improvements you have in mind to

or use the good old post box in the street corner.