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The methodology:

The table below gives details of the progeny of Akkamma/Bavaji and their spouses. Family tree need to be visualized by referring to the relations column. In this column Akkamma/Bavoji are taken as "A" Their first child as "AA", second child as "AB" and so on. Spouses are designated by a "S" after a ",".This way ABAA,S, means the spouse of the first child of ABAA, where ABAA is the first child of ABA, where ABA  is the first child of AB and AB is the second child of Akkamma/Bavoji.

Click on the branch  to get  information of the members belonging to that particular branch of the family.

FID, is a serial number based on the date of entry into the family; Date of birth for the Akkamma/Bavoji's progeny and date  of marriage  for the spouses.

For more details refer to the mbfamily yahoo group

Whenever more information is available on any person the same is displayed in the ĎAboutí column