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Jayanth, Affectionately called Babu in the family circle. He did his Engineering from Guindy collage Madras and then took his M.S in the United states. He is currently doing research for Motorola. Following is what he is working on at present (July 99) inhis words.

".. Since then, I have been in Schaumburg doing my job. Our lab had a major refocusing effort going on since last November. One of the nice things that happened early this January was that along with my colleague Steve, I got to set up my own laboratory. This lab focuses on the problem of providing multiple qualities of service in the Internet. Moreover, we concentrate on an Internet, which will allow users to access services wirelessly. Last month we purchased the equipment needed for the lab, and over the last and this month have successfully set it all up. Essentially they are a bunch of PCs running a wonderful operating system called Linux. It is wonderful because it is so feature rich, and the source code is accessible - that means you get to see the OS program - that means, you can modify it. For someone like me that is really superb, as I can now play with the machine, changing the OS, and seeing how the system works.


Besides setting up the test bed, I have been working a lot on the tool from Berkeley - it is called a network simulator. Again a marvelous tool for anyone who wishes to understand and develop Internet related protocols. I am currently am developing a new method for scheduling packets in a switch such that the different connections going through the switch can have different priorities, and the switch schedules packets in a prioritized fashion, rather than a first-in-first-out fashion. Soon we will find the Internet using such methods, and hopefully we will all be happier browsers - getting faster access.