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Here is a recepe for making holige for the Ugadi feast from Mala
TAke a cup of Thogare Dhal. Put it in the pressure cooker container
along with four cups of water. Cook in medium heat till the bele is
cooked. do not allow to over cook . Do not cook with pressure cook in
the old fasioned way.
Drain the kattu and put the bele on the same container with 11/2 cups of
bella and 1/4 cup of cobbare. Put the fire on sim and watch it
transfoming in to hoorna.
When it starts leaving the side it is done. Put it in the minnijar and
run for 2 mints. Put one teasppon of cardamom and one teaspoon full of
nut meg. Before putting the essence take a lemon size hoorna for putting
it in saru. If you put after the essence is put Saru tasts cardamom.
For the Kanaka mix 11/2 cup of allpurpose floor with 1/2 cup wheet floor
in a contqainer. Put pinch of salt and Arishina. One tablespoon of oil
and mix like chapathi. Put 1/2 a cup of oil in to the mixed batter and
alow it to stand.
First prepare the kanaka and by the time the hoorna is ready the batter
would have soaked enough.
Making the Holige.
Take two aluminium foils of square shape. Apply oil on the paper. Take
lemonsizes hoorna and keep it inside the kanaka which is half of the
hoorna size and cover it with Kanaka. Purt it on the aluminiuw foil and
roll it with roll pin. Try to make a round with uniform thick ness.
Put the Tava on low heat and bake it on both sides. Try to get a golden
brown one not black.holige.
Given below are some tips from Bharathi to simplify the job
Happy Ugadi to all of you.Mala's delicious Holige recipe inspired me to write to you all.
A short cut in hoorna making - no grinding required !(taught to me by my dear mother).Cook the bele very well in the pressure cooker and drain the kattu.After it cools, mash it very well(to skip grinding), add 4 teaspoons of powdered dessicated coconut(powder it in the coffee grinder), add jaggery ,cook with a teaspoon of ghee and then follow Mala's recipe.Parchment paper works well for me for the rolling .