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Dear Kaka,


How are you doing? We are all fine here and awaiting to meet Mythri and Madhu's

arrival for Neha's birthday. In reference to your letter, I do agree the MB

Family web site is extremely resourceful. But I feel that most of us here is US

use it very regularly, be it for address/telephone numbers or more so for

pictures. A good way to track this is to have a page counter. Of course, as you

have been doing, if there any updates, a notification always helps. We have all

seen Babu's wedding pictures many times. For feedback, the best idea is to have

a text form field in the pages. Pages can also be regenerated to display the

feedback. Another suggestion I have is: In case creating the pages and

organizing is taking too much time, we can start an account with

or that allows online album creation. All we need to do for that is

upload the jpeg files. A selected geographically distributed group can share the

password to this account and add pictures to the album. That way, we can add

more pictures to this album site. I have invited you to view one such sample

album created by me. Let me know if you like it.