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Some of you might have read in the news papers about the 14 year boy from Bangalore, being invited to take part in a seminar on web designing at Newyork. But you may not know that that boy is one of your cousins. He is Suhas, son of Gopinath and Kala and grand son of Bhavaji's brother, late Sri M.S.Raghavendra Rao. Network Solutions, Inc, the organisers of the seminar, having seen his webpage "" have judged it as one of the best produced by persons of his age group, has made all arrangements for his passage and stay in the U.S. The Seminar is at Barbizon Hotel, Newyork City on first of August. Those of you in U.S. who may be in a position to meet him and encourage him may do so. His email ID is "". The email I.D. of the organisers is "".